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Our server speed report of june 2014
Posted by Branding and Goodwill Department Manashosting on 03 July 2014 12:46 PM
Server Name Speed 0.26 seconds

ManasHosting Client's Server 0.3 seconds 0.37 seconds 0.5 seconds 0.52 seconds 0.56 seconds 0.57 seconds 0.58 seconds 0.61 seconds 0.62 seconds 0.62 seconds 0.62 seconds 0.78 seconds 0.84 seconds 0.94 seconds 0.98 seconds 1.07 seconds 1.11 seconds 1.24 seconds 1.34 seconds 1.61 seconds 1.7 seconds 2.13 seconds 2.62 seconds 21.14 seconds 3.13 seconds 3.46 seconds 4.07 seconds 4.37 seconds 5.08 seconds 6.79 seconds 9.32 seconds



Speed     (measured with 10 mbps connection)

"This speed is monitored by 3rd party company. After migration we found the above speed report from a 3rd party source and this being the next report available. We worked hard from last 2 plus years to bring high speed technology to our customers. We hope our customer will use our efforts to bring high speed to their hosting account. We thank all our customers since they stood by us at the time of migration and when we were doing new experiment to improvise the speed of server during the period of migration. We from the bottom of our heart thank all our customers extended support during the time of upgrading our infrastructure. This report is generated from a 3rd party on basis of normal simple webpage which is hosted in our server to  check speed , it may vary time to time and location to location, to further discuss about this report and meet us face to face at our World Trade Center office Bangalore please filling the appointment form available on the contact us page.

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New webmail interface
Posted by Branding and Goodwill Department Manashosting on 03 July 2014 12:15 PM

Dear customers,

We have changed the emails server to upgraded version.
We would request you to please contact technical team to know the your email admin credentials.


1.  As we can control the spam from the new email server

2. fresh and new look of webmail interface

3. added new features like calender, shecdules and etc.

4. User end can make the mondification of the users



Server Team

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We are partner with for Backup, monitor, and undo changes on your website
Posted by Branding and Goodwill Department Manashosting on 02 July 2014 10:18 AM

Get a time machine for your website.

Backup, monitor, and undo changes on your website. Start your free trial today!

Connect and get automatic backups.

First connect your website to CodeGuard by giving us your sftp/ftp/mySQL information. We take an initial backup and show you real time updates of its progress. It's that easy!

Monitor daily for changes.

During monitoring if we detect a change we send you a ChangeAlert email notifying you of what was added, modified, or deleted and when.

Restore your website from any point.

You can restore your website or database to any previous backup version. You can download a zip of the contents at any time, choose an automatic restore, or restore individual files and folders.


How does CodeGuard work?

Connect Site

First, connect your site by giving CodeGuard your ftp/sftp/MySQL information. It's that easy.

Initial Backup

Now we take an initial backup of your site. During the process, you’ll be able to view real-time updates on its progress.


Now we monitor your site daily for changes, and send a change alert email to you if there are any

Backup Again

After monitoring we continuously backup your site again and again if we detect changes.


Finally, you can restore your site back to any previous version with the click of a button.


To use this servcies please visit

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Password protect WordPress logins
Posted by Branding and Goodwill Department Manashosting on 01 July 2014 12:02 PM

Dear customers,


How to protect you word press logins please go through below url





Server Team

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Uptime Monitors June Month Report
Posted by Branding and Goodwill Department Manashosting on 30 June 2014 02:49 PM

Dear customers,


Smtp Group Of Servers 100 %  

Super Fast Servers 100 %

VPS Group Of Servers 100 %

Mail Group Of Servers 100 %

FTP Windows Group Of Servers 100 %

FTP LInux Group Of Servers 100 %

Plesk Group Of Servers 100 %

Master Mail Group Of Servers 100 %

Pop Group Of Servers 100 %

Corporate Servers 100 %

Database Group Of Servers 98.5 %

Pop New Group Of Servers 99.8 %

Backup Group Of Servers 98 %

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